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State: The Dokht Imperium
Counterpart: Meijin
Class: Vanguard
Health: 763
Energy: 525
Speed: 52
Strength: 57
Intellect: 30
Agility: 56
Cunning: 54
Stamina: 64
Will: 64
Silver cost: 1000
Gold cost: none
Brawler is a dangerous melee warrior. His attack combos always finish with a blow of immense power. This hero boldly attacks the most dangerous enemies, inflicting immense damage with his kicks. His accurate punches stun his enemies and knock them back. And if there are too many foes, Brawler transforms into an uncontrollable tornado that destroys everything in its path.

Biography[edit | edit source]

What makes a soldier invincible? Fighting skills can be improved by rigorous training, but there are some things training cannot teach you, like love for your Homeland. Brawler's father taught him one thing above all: there is nothing more important than the great Dokht Imperium! And so, since the beginning of his military career, this young man has been willing to sacrifice his life for his homeland.

He started out as a rank-and-file soldier, fighting in the undeclared war against the Touched, where his combat record remains the envy of many. But despite his fanatical courage and military skill, the feats of Brawler were still inferior to the epic deeds done by true heroes of the Prime. He was not jealous, for he had only one wish: to serve his country as best he could. So, when his superiors requested volunteers for a series of dangerous experiments, he was the first to step forward.

The Dokht scientists were attempting to create heroes artificially, turning ordinary soldiers into immortal warriors. In the experiment, a special Prime mixture was introduced into the subject's blood. The consequences were swift and terrible: the unfortunate subjects perished, one after the other. Only Brawler survived the procedures, though they were long, hard days filled with suffering. The soldier was reborn, becoming the fighter he had always dreamed of being.

He still trains with ordinary soldiers and does not believe much has changed in his life. But the Catalyst, a faithful bayonet which Brawler once used to hack through both thickets and enemy hordes, now rests in the Lord's vault. Brawler no longer needs a weapon. With his bare hands, he crushes all who dare to defy the Imperium. For the Great Imperium Army!

Talents[edit | edit source]

Icon Talent Type Cost Level Mana Cost Cooldown Description
A0 marine.png Ire Passive 0 0 0 0 After 2 successful attacks (normal attacks or class talents), the hero inflicts an additional 50% damage with the following attack or class talent.
A1 marine.png Fist of Fury Active 300 0 60 9 Tosses the current target, dealing 73-586 MaterialDamage.png damage.

Bonus: The damage is increased by 33-294 MaterialDamage.png when this talent is used on Native Terrain.

A1 marine.png Iron Fist Passive 440 8 0 0 The Fist of Fury talent stuns the target for an additional 0.5 sec.
A2 marine.png Shooting Star Active 300 0 60 11 Rushes at the selected enemy and inflicts 33-294 MaterialDamage.png damage (based on Agility).

Bonus: When used on Native Terrain, the talent cools down 4 sec. faster.

A2 marine.png Resistance is Futile Passive 290 4 0 0 The Shooting Star talent stuns its target for 0.7 sec. or deals 2 times as much damage to an enemy that has already been stunned.
A3 marine.png Unstoppable Passive 300 0 0 0 When dealing damage with their class talents, the hero restores 12-73 Health (based on Strength).
A3 marine.png Pain Tolerance Passive 290 4 0 0 The Unstoppable talent restores an additional 6% of his missing Health.
A4 marine.png Black Tornado Active 540 8 135 50 The hero deals 22-190 MaterialDamage.png damage (based on Agility) every 0.6 sec. to all nearby enemies for 4 sec. and is immune to control effects.
A4 marine.png Wild Whirlwind Passive 560 12 0 0 When using the Black Tornado talent, hero's Maximum Health is increased by 126-1110 (based on Agility) and his Speed by 35%.

Skins[edit | edit source]

Default Skin Destroyer Skin Mam Skin Dragon Warrior Skin
Default Skin
Destroyer Skin
29 Gold
Mam Skin
99 Gold
Dragon Warrior Skin
49 Gold

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His biography is possibly inspired by the story of "Captain America".
  • His Destroyer Skin resembles Arnold Schwarzenegger iconic role as a terminator in the movie "Terminator 2".