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State: Keepers of Adornia
Counterpart: Fang
Class: Vanguard
Health: 800
Energy: 625
Speed: 56
Strength: 60
Intellect: 57
Agility: 54
Cunning: 50
Stamina: 66
Will: 62
Silver cost: 1000
Gold cost: none
Claw is a lonely predator, avoiding allies. Thanks to his beastly instincts, he can easily overtake wounded and weakened enemies. Driven insane by the hero's terrible howling, the victim is unable to adequately defend himself. But this is not why Claw is so terrifying; if the heroes he bites die, they turn into wild beasts that serve him as their new master.

Biography[edit | edit source]

A hero of the first war with the Dokhts, he was among the last to fight for the Misty Grove. The defeated warrior saw with his own eyes as his hated enemies violated nature with their monstrous machines, disfiguring its beauty and destroying its life.

After the last battle, the Adornian survivors were traveling home, but with difficult. Many of them were wounded and could not move quickly and our hero decided to save some lives. He stayed behind to give his comrades time to escape. But enemy forces cannot be stopped by one warrior, not even one willing to give up his life.

So the soldier called out to nature, asking her for help. He absorbed Prime from the earth, the air and the animals and plants around him...and unleashed on his stunned pursuers all the power of the elements! The giant trees lining the trail bowed their branches and yanked the enemy from their saddles; roots from under their feet cut them to pieces, and birds swooped down on them from the sky. In an instant, the enemy had lost half of its force and the survivors fled.

Weakness overtook the soldier, and he fell to his knees, feeling the remnants of the Prime raging in his bloodstream. His arboreal allies bowed down to him and a mighty oak dropped a ripe acorn at the new hero's feet.

Now, they call him the Witch Doctor, and the giant tree's gift lies in the lord's storehouse along with the catalysts of other heroes. But this friend of the trees is not planning to rest any time soon: a new war has started, which means that the Dokhts will once again begin killing beasts and uprooting forests. Someone must stop them. And who will, if not he?

Talents[edit | edit source]

Icon Talent Type Cost Level Mana Cost Cooldown Description
A0 werewolf.png Blood Magic Passive 0 0 0 0 Hero's attacks inflict an additional 30% EnergyDamage.png damage if the target has less than 50% Health.
A1 werewolf.png Lycanthropy Passive 300 0 0 0 Health Regeneration is increased by 2-26 (based on Intellect).

Bonus: On Native Terrain, the gain of Health Regeneration increases by 70%.

A1 werewolf.png Mending Skin Passive 290 4 0 0 Every time when a hero is damaged by enemy heroes, he increases his Health Regeneration on 1.7 times for 2 sec.
A2 werewolf.png Curse of the Beast Active 660 0 320 120 Turns an enemy hero into beasts for 3 sec. and makes him attack another hero, reducing damage from his attacks by 7-89 (from Intellect). The beasts cannot be speed up or slowed down.
A3 werewolf.png Beast Scent Active 390 4 80 15 Enemy heroes whose Health is lower than 50% are shown on the map within a large radius. If the talent is used when another allied hero has less than 50%, the hero's Speed will increase by 70% for 9 sec.

Bonus: On Native Terrain, targets are visible no matter their Health.

A3 werewolf.png No Mercy Passive 440 8 0 0 Activating the Beast Scent talent also increases Agility by 3-44 (based on Intellect).
A4 werewolf.png Wild Beast Active 300 0 100 18 Attacks the target hero, slowing him or her down by 40% for 5 sec. and dealing 50-441 EnergyDamage.png damage in the meantime.
A4 werewolf.png Lone Beast Passive 290 4 0 0 Right after Wild Beast talent is used, your attacks deal an additional 3-38 EnergyDamage.png damage for 8 sec. The less nearby enemy heroes there are, the higher the additional damage will be.
A1 werewolf.png Animal Skin Passive 440 8 0 0 Lycantrophy talent additonally increases Stamina on 4-59 (based on Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater).

Skins[edit | edit source]

Default Skin Great Hare Skin
Default Skin
Great Hare Skin
99 Gold