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State: The Dokht Imperium
Counterpart: Blizzard
Class: Fighter
Health: 733
Energy: 843
Speed: 48
Strength: 50
Intellect: 63
Agility: 47
Cunning: 54
Stamina: 42
Will: 44
Silver cost: 1000
Gold cost: none
Cryo's main advantage is her ability to freeze her enemies. The hero can damage the enemy's entire force by controlling a huge snowstorm. Her magical ice fragments can either protect an ally or slowly destroy an enemy. By enveloping herself with the Strength of Cold, the hero can punish anyone who tries to attack her. And woe to those who fall victim to her icy imprisonment – it may be eternal!

Biography[edit | edit source]

Cryo loved to watch the snow. She was fascinated by blizzs and delighted by ice crystals. Cryo has always been considered beautiful, but her haughty coldness extinguished the hottest passions of any suitors. Very few even dared to invite her to dinner. Those who dared have many strange stories to tell: in her presence, fires quickly go out and wine quickly turns to ice.
Her skin shines as white as snow, and her soul is cold and treacherous, like snow-capped mountain ranges.
Cold attracted Cryo more and more over the years. In the place of a wedding gown, she wore a student's robe. The Prime, particularly the effects low temperatures have on it, were of special interest to Cryo.
Once, one of Cryo's experiments burst out of control. The power of the Prime was released and flooded the laboratory with unbearable cold. When the ice shell around her was broken, Cryo showed no signs of life. She had been transformed into a beautiful snow sculpture. Fortunately, a student that was the youngest son of one of the lords was nearby. He was familiar with heroes, and discovered in the many fragments a crystal of an unusually regular shape.
The student suggested that he perhaps held a Catalyst in his hands, and he was correct: the crystal, when placed in a Prime Inductor, brought the dead girl back to life.
But she had no interest in teaching classes and workshops. Cryo had become sharp and powerful, and would take no excuses for failure. Naturally, she chose the path of a warrior.

Talents[edit | edit source]

Icon Talent Type Cost Level Mana Cost Cooldown Description
A0 snowqueen.png Chains of Ice Passive 0 0 0 0 The damage from the hero's class talents, for 3 seconds, reduce enemies' Speed by 6% and their Agility by 2-17 (based on Intellect).
The effect can be stacked up to 6 times.
A1 snowqueen.png Blizzard (talent) Active 300 0 180 8 Creates an area for 8 seconds, in which enemies take 8-74 EnergyDamage.png damage per second.
A1 snowqueen.png Frostburn Passive 290 1 0 0 The Blizzard talent deals an additional 4-37 EnergyDamage.png damage to immobilized targets.
Required Level 4
Upgrades the Blizzard talent
A2 snowqueen.png Strength of Cold Passive 300 0 0 0 Enemies attacking the hero receive 25-142 EnergyDamage.png damage.
A3 snowqueen.png Ice Splinter Active 390 1 120 18 For 5 seconds deals 120-1075EnergyDamage.png to the selected enemy.
A3 snowqueen.png Ice Energy Passive 440 2 0 0 The Ice Splinter talent deals additional damage to slowed enemies. The slower the enemy is the more damage he takes
Upgrades the Ice Splinter talent
A4 snowqueen.png Eternity Active 540 2 330 90 Inflicts 67-587 EnergyDamage.png damage and freezes the opponent for 2 seconds If a hero of his own faction appears next to the enemy, the effect is canceled.
Bonus: When used on Native Terrain, Eternity burns 10-8 of the opponent's Energy (based on Intellect) per seconds
Required Level 8
A4 snowqueen.png Permafrost Passive 560 3 0 0 The Eternity talent also freezes the target for 2,5 seconds, during which time freezing effects cannot be canceled.
Required Level 12
Upgrades the Eternity talent
A5 snowqueen.png Cold Mind Passive 300 1 0 0 Every 5 seconds, the hero's next attack inflicts an additional 25-246 MaterialDamage.png damage (based on Max Energy) per seconds
Required Level 4

Skins[edit | edit source]

Default Skin Tempest Skin Ice Queen Skin
Default Skin
Tempest Skin
29 Gold
Ice Queen Skin
69 Gold

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Her Tempest skin could be a reference to "Storm" from the X-men universe.