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State: The Dokht Imperium
Counterpart: Demonologist
Class: Slayer
Health: 725
Energy: 700
Speed: 50
Strength: 57
Intellect: 56
Agility: 53
Cunning: 54
Stamina: 42
Will: 45
Silver cost: 200000
Gold cost: 79
By damaging her enemies with noxious substances and slowing them down with portions of glue, Doctrine uses enemy heroes to distil ingredients and components of Prime from their bodies as required for clone creation according to descriptive alchemy. If the Alchemical Circle is drawn correctly, she will end up in the right place at the right time to unleash the relentless power of alchemy at her foes.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Doctrine has been fascinated by alchemy since childhood. Even as a small child, she would recruit her favorite dolls as “lab assistants” and conduct her first experiments in their company, striving to convert any accessible garbage into the Philosopher’s Stone. As soon as she learned to read, she became a voracious student of literature dedicated to her favorite subject. Her never-ending experiments and the explosions that accompanied them did little to make Doctrine popular with other girls her age, but all the boys were very fond of her. She didn’t mind at all — they were more interesting company, anyway, and the girl never felt the need to discuss dancing or clothes.

She did very well at school. Her instructors noticed her and offered to let her continue studying her favorite subject at the very best university. She agreed readily and was soon enthusiastically soaking up knowledge and getting excellent marks in all her classes - especially her favorite subject. During one of her laboratory assignments, she met a student from the Mechanics Department. Doctrine had been surrounded by boys from an early age and always saw them as nothing but friends. However, this time she finally fell in love.

Everything was fine, and they started making plans for marriage, when the young woman discovered that her betrothed was of the opinion that a married woman should mind the family hearth and stay home rather than conducting dangerous experiments with explosives in the lab. Her disappointment in the man she had chosen led to their separation, and she decided to find a job and pursue her calling.

She didn’t have much luck there, either. Every potential employer felt the same way about the presence of women in the alchemy lab — they assumed she would eventually get married and stop working. She was about to give up hope when something awoke inside of her. Doctrine heard the Call of Prime.

The most interesting alchemical reaction of all is the reaction of a human body to a large dose of Prime. The young woman became obsessed with the transformation process triggered by Prime when it enters the body of a human being. She quickly made up her mind and went to the recruiters for her chalice of Prime. She realized that she might die, of course, but she was perfectly fine with that. For Doctrine, death was nothing more than another alchemical experiment.

The jaded recruiters, long used to interacting with those who had decided to undergo the deadly experiment, were flabbergasted when they saw the girl and tried to talk her out of it. After all, Prime transforms a human being into a Hero based on his or her particular spiritual qualities — female Heroes tend to have specializations that involves Mercy, Coquetry, or contact with untamed nature. How was she planning to reconcile this with her beloved alchemical formulas?

Nevertheless, they soon realized that nothing they could say would make Doctrine change her mind. She put her Catalyst on the table — the doll that had been her very first laboratory assistant as a child. She then proceeded to drink her chalice of Prime without any hesitation.

She awoke as a Heroine and was truly happy — she had finally managed to prove to everyone that a person's unique character is what really matters and that stereotypes and prejudice are completely useless and idiotic. She became the symbol of the revived Imperium, an Imperium whose subjects are judged first and foremost by their merit. She also acquired the incredible ability to create clones of herself that remained active for limited periods of time. She had always wanted to meet women just like her, and Prime made her wish come true.

War presents an alchemist with excellent opportunities. Explosives and potent acids are the instruments Doctrine uses with no regard whatsoever for safety regulations. And she thoroughly enjoys herself.

Talents[edit | edit source]

Icon Talent Type Cost Level Mana Cost Cooldown Description
A0 alchemist.png Descriptive Alchemy Passive 0 0 0 0 For every successful use of Noxious Substance or Portion of Glue against the enemy, the hero receives one Sulfur or Quicksilver ingredient. When the heroine stands in the Alchemical Circle with 4 ingredients, she automatically summons a clone of herself made from the last ingredient received. Sulfur attacks deal 12-121 MaterialDamage.png damage, and Quicksilver attacks deal 17-163 EnergyDamage.png damage.
A1 alchemist.png Noxious Substance Active 300 0 150 13 For 5 sec. creates a gradually expanding area; if enemies end up within it, they receive 5-47 MaterialDamage.png damage every 0.9 sec. for 4 sec. A moving target receives 3 times more damage.
A1 alchemist.png Special Enzymes Passive 290 4 0 0 The Noxious Substance talent covers an area now grows in size.
A2 alchemist.png Portion of Glue Active 390 4 120 18 Within the cone, all enemies receive 57-505 EnergyDamage.png damage and are slowed down for 6 sec. by 10% per second up to 70%.

Bonus: When used on Native Terrain, the target is slowed down by 35%, and the duration of the slowdown effect is extended by an additional 95%.

A2 alchemist.png Active Compounds Passive 440 8 0 0 Enemies hit by the top of the cone created by the Portion of Glue talent become unable to use their talents for 2.5 sec.
A3 alchemist.png Alchemical Circle Conjured 300 0 70 10 Creates an Alchemical Circle in the selected location or transports the heroine to an already created Circle. The time required to prepare the talent for transportation ranges between 0 and 5 and the cooldown ranges from 20 to 80 sec. depending on the remoteness of the Circle. Upon creating 4 circles, the closest existing one will be destroyed.

Bonus: When the talent is used on Native Terrain, the heroine restores 60-529 Health (based on Intellect).

A3 alchemist.png Side Effect Passive 290 4 0 0 While inside the Alchemical Circle, the heroine restores 5-29 Energy per second (based on Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater).
A4 alchemist.png Power of Alchemy Active 540 8 270 120 A summoned clone attacks the hero's enemy and then disappears. Sulfur deals 281-2473 MaterialDamage.png damage to target, and Quicksilver prevents it from taking any actions for a period of between 2 and 4 sec. (based on the difference between the target's maximum and current Health). The hero's agility is increased by 5-71 (based on Intellect) for 6 sec. If used on the hero's clone, the talent changes the type of the clone and cools down in 5 sec. without using Energy.
A4 alchemist.png Catalyst Passive 560 12 0 0 Power of Alchemy talent's cooldown period is reduced by 40%.

Skins[edit | edit source]

Default Skin Student Skin
Default Skin
Student Skin
99 Gold

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Her default skin and hero concept is a direct reference to the IOS app develop by Nival "Prime world Alchemy".