Frog Whisperer

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Frog Whisperer
Frog Whisperer.png
State: The Dokht Imperium
Counterpart: Swamp King
Class: Vanguard
Health: 800
Energy: 600
Speed: 54
Strength: 58
Intellect: 30
Agility: 57
Cunning: 54
Stamina: 66
Will: 63
Silver cost: 500000
Gold cost: none
The Frog Whisperer always relies on his ravenous "steed." The toad catches delicious enemies with his long tongue and eats them, growing in size and appetite! The toad loves to jump – and the bigger it grows, the more deadly its crushing leaps become. If someone dares to offend the Frog Whisperer's best friend, a throw of his battle ax will put a stop to the insolent fool.

Biography[edit | edit source]

It was fall, winter even, but work at the milling machine was torturing the young fellow. He cursed it all, insulted the foreman, and left to travel wherever he wished. And ended up in a laboratory researching the Touched. In the laboratory, the kind eyes of a well-fed HUGE POISONOUS FROG looked out at him from its luxurious heated cage. The two immediately became friends. Inseparable friends.

Everything was fine. The young man would clean the tank and conduct some harmless experiments. But then, a gang of rough Adornian teens broke into the city. They overturned urns, smashed windows, and caused a general ruckus. It so happened that an accurately thrown stone found its mark in our hero, who was trying to protect the laboratory from the hooligans. Well, he wasn't a hero quite yet, but almost.

The frog came and stood over his fallen friend. It washed him with crocodile tears, borrowed from a nearby aquarium. And poked him with his tooth. Yes, we know that frogs don't have teeth, but all kinds of things go on in secret laboratories!

And the brave young lad became a hero. He jumped onto the frog, as if onto a war horse, and they suffocated their enemies. Well, not completely – there were kids there, after all – but they choked them enough to teach them a good lesson. They saved the city, defended their homes, and drove the enemies away.

Since that day, the two have been inseparable. But not long ago, the frog began to miss his birthplace: the Weeping Sun Valley, located in the middle of the Kingdom of Adornia. And to get there, the Dokhts need to win the war first! So, they fight. For a good cause.

Talents[edit | edit source]

Icon Talent Type Cost Level Mana Cost Cooldown Description
A0 frogenglut.png Gluttony Passive 0 0 0 30 Each time he finishes off an enemy with an attack or with the Smash! talent, the Frog Whisperer/Swamp King increases his maximum Health by 0,8%.
The effect is stacked up to 30 times.
A1 frogenglut.png Get It! Active 300 0 110 10 Deals 93-823 MaterialDamage.png damage to the target and interrupts any talents the target is powering up.
Bonus: This talent recharges 3 seconds more quickly on when used on Native Terrain.
A1 frogenglut.png Got It! Passive 290 1 0 0 The Get It! talent also lowers the target's Stamina by 4-53 (based on Strength) for 5 seconds
Required Level 4
Upgrades the Get It! talent
A2 frogenglut.png Catch! Active 390 1 100 18 Pulls the first enemy on its attack path towards the Frog Whisperer/Swamp King.
Required Level 4
A2 frogenglut.png Hold Tight! Passive 440 2 0 0 The Catch! talent also stuns the grabbed enemy for 1,5 seconds
Required Level 8
Upgrades the Catch! talent
A3 frogenglut.png Swallow! Passive 300 0 0 0 By finishing off an enemy with an attack, the Frog Whisperer/Swamp King restores 4% Health.
A3 frogenglut.png Chew Faster! Passive 290 1 0 0 The Swallow! talent also recharges 3% Energy.
Required Level 4
Upgrades the Swallow! talent
A4 frogenglut.png Smash! Active 540 2 200 100 The Frog Whisperer/Swamp King jumps onto the selected location, inflicting 67-568 EnergyDamage.png damage (based on Max Health) to all nearby enemies.
Bonus: When used on Native Terrain, the area of destruction increases.
Required Level 8
A4 frogenglut.png Hop! Passive 560 3 0 0 When using the Smash! talent for the first time, the Frog Whisperer/Swamp King can jump 2 more times over 10 seconds, but the damage from the additional jumps (and the Energy used for each jump) will be 2 times less.
Required Level 12
Upgrades the Smash! talent

Skins[edit | edit source]

Default Skin Thumbelina Skin Toad Dwarf Skin
Default Skin
Thumbelina Skin
99 Gold
Toad Dwarf Skin
29 Gold

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His Female Frog Whisperer Skin shares a identical weapon with the Female Swamp King Skin.