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Borderlands[edit | edit source]


Borderlands is a 5v5 PvP (Player versus Player) mode in Prime World. It consists of 2 main bases - Keepers and Imperium. They are connected by three main lanes, surrounded by forest with a large river flowing through the center of the area. The five heroes on each side fight for the right to claim the native land in the lanes, to destroy enemy buildings, and then finally the enemy's base.

For more information, visit the Borderlands page.

Outpost[edit | edit source]


Outpost is a 3v3 PVP map, all-mid mode. The goal on Outpost is to destroy your opponents' headquarter(Science Lodge/Art Temple). In Outpost both teams are aided by 2 large siege minions. These minions out range turrets, deal high damage to turrets and have a shield protecting them from damage. The shield regeneration rate is based on how many allied heroes are nearby. Each team's aim to destroy the enemy siege minion whilst defending their own from damage.

For more information, visit the Outpost page.

Dragonwald[edit | edit source]

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4v4 PVP mode where Players race to a Dragon Egg in the center of the map. While there are no set lanes in Dragonwald, there are distinct northern and southern paths; however, players are free to roam the forest as they see fit. The deeper you go, the harder the monsters become, with some dropping healing runes.

For more information, visit the Dragonwald page.

Apocalypse: An Army of Darkness[edit | edit source]


Apocalypse is a 5v5 game mode on Borderlands with an infectious twist. After an enemy minion or hero dies, there’s a chance the deceased will become an undead. These undead freaks will join your team and help you push toward the enemy base. Building your army will be key to countering the opposing zombie forces and overwhelming your foes.

For more information, visit the Apocalypse page.

Native Land[edit | edit source]


Native Land takes the concept of Native Terrain (land that is controlled by your team through raising flags) to the extreme. In this 5v5 map, when heroes are on Native Terrain, they are more powerful than on the original Borderlands. So powerful, in fact, that even if your opponents are outleveling you by two to three levels, you can equalize the fight if you’re on Native Terrain.

For more information, visit the Native Land page.

Switcheroo[edit | edit source]


In Switcheroo, players randomly switch heroes with their team-mates at the start of the match. You won’t know whose hero is in your possession or how their hero talents are arranged until you start the battle.

For more information, visit the Switcheroo page.

Challenge[edit | edit source]

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Challenge is a wave-based survival mode that concludes with an epic boss battle. Players will win talents and resources just like in the PvP modes. Bring your friends for cooperative action, or recruit AI heroes to help you in single-player.

There are three main goals in Challenge: control the flags, defend the towers, kill the enemies. As you complete these objectives, an artifact in your base will charge up. At full capacity, the artifact will create a Prime Explosion, closing off a path for the monsters to come from. As more paths are closed off, the Dragon will get closer. When only 1 path is left, the Dragon will not be happy!

For more information, visit the Challenge Mode page.