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State: The Dokht Imperium
Counterpart: Artiste
Class: Fighter
Health: 725
Energy: 700
Speed: 50
Strength: 56
Intellect: 58
Agility: 54
Cunning: 53
Stamina: 42
Will: 44
Silver cost: 25000
Gold cost: 9
The Inventor's talents create powerful fighting machines on the battlefield but require a unique resource: parts. Time bombs stun opponents and destroy their confidence of victory. Defensive turrets reinforce the allied position, shooting any enemies daring enough to enter their range of fire. Dispensers give allied forces bonuses, boosting them to victory. But, most importantly, the hero's large-caliber machine guns tear his enemies to shreds and show that their defeat is inevitable.

Biography[edit | edit source]

As a child, he built high-tech devices and complicated mechanisms, but no one in the remote provinces had any use for such things. He was too young, and his ideas were too daring.

So, when he was twelve, the Inventor left his hometown on a merchant wagon and traveled five hundred miles to New Lafort, where he had no trouble getting accepted to the Institute of Prime Technology. His easy-going nature and cheerful disposition quickly made him the life of his department. Even the cold, unapproachable Cryo paid attention to the wonder kid, despite the difference in their ages.

The young genius graduated with highest honors and began working in a well-known professor's laboratory. There, he began to work on reducing the size of the bulky Prime engines, and he soon succeeded. The scientist wanted to give his prototype to the people immediately, but the professor advised him not to hurry. The young man uncovered the professor's true motives after it was too late. His greedy leader wanted to sell the technology as his own, to the highest bidder.

Furious, the young man threatened to expose the professor, who merely laughed him off. So, the Inventor began to write an open letter to the Scientific Council. He still had no idea whom he was dealing with. As the scoundrel left, he hurled a handful of gray powder into the fire and blockaded the door behind him.

Soon, the young scientist realized that something was wrong. He ran to his workbench, full of tools and parts of Prime devices. Gasping for breath, he built a unique life support system and activated it. The Prime antidote filled the Inventor's body, neutralizing the Poisoning. The young man was safe from the toxic gas, but the Prime changed him forever: he became a hero.

Now the young scientist is known for his many contraptions, from Prime enrichment devices to weapons. In battle, the hero feels at home. War, after all, is the strongest catalyst of progress.

Talents[edit | edit source]

Icon Talent Type Cost Level Mana Cost Cooldown Description
A0 inventor.png Components Passive 0 1 0 0 The hero accumulates 2 components per second, Using class talents spend components and for 4 seconds increases the hero's Attack Damage by 1% and speed by 3% for every missing 5 components.
A1 inventor.png Turret Active 300 1 0 2 The hero constructs a defensive turret with 174-1263 Health (based on Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater), which inflicts 12-102 EnergyDamage.png damage. No more than 2 machines can be maintained at the same time.

Bonus: On Native Terrain, the turret inflicts 5-45 EnergyDamage.png additional damage.

A1 inventor.png Camouflaged Turret Passive 290 4 0 0 The turret becomes invisible if it does not attack for 3 sec. The turret's critical hit chance is increased by 20%.
A2 inventor.png Vita-Generator Active 390 4 0 2 The hero constructs a Vita-Generator, which restores 19-246 Health (based on Intellect) to allied heroes each 8 sec. for 4 sec. No more than 2 machines can be maintained at the same time.

Bonus: On Native Terrain, a Vita-Generator additionally restores 8-101 Health (based on Intellect).

A2 inventor.png Construction Passive 440 8 0 0 When near the Vita-Generator, the hero receives 1 more components per second.
A3 inventor.png Clockwork Bomb Active 300 1 0 8 The hero hurls a bomb toward the indicated point. Upon contact with an opponent, the bomb deals 100-881 MaterialDamage.png damage to surrounding enemies. If the bomb finds no target at the indicated point, it explodes automatically after 7 sec.
A3 inventor.png Amplified Charge Passive 540 8 0 0 Enemies who take damage from the Clockwork Bomb are tossed up.
A4 inventor.png Machine Gun Toggled 660 8 0 15 Deals 23-196 MaterialDamage.png and 75-653 EnergyDamage.png damage per second to opponents in front of the hero during 3 sec. The hero can't move while firing, to focus on aiming. Shooting consumes 18 components per second.
A5 inventor.png Wholesale Purchase Passive 290 4 0 0 The price of everything in shops drops by 30%. The Hero can now erect up to 3 machines.

Skins[edit | edit source]

Default Skin Adeptus Skin Gunsmith Skin
Default Skin
Adeptus Skin
69 Gold
Gunsmith Skin
29 Gold

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His Adeptus Skin seems to be a future version of him, hinted by his almost identical look.
  • His Adeptus skin is based on the Warhammer 40,000 Space Marines who's military designation is Adeptus Astartes.