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Outpost is a 3v3 PVP map, all-mid mode. The goal on Outpost is to destroy your opponents' headquarter(Science Lodge/Art Temple). In Outpost both teams are aided by 2 large siege minions. These minions out range turrets, deal high damage to turrets and have a shield protecting them from damage. The shield regeneration rate is based on how many allied heroes are nearby. Each team's aim to destroy the enemy siege minion whilst defending their own from damage.

3v3 is a much faster game mode than Borderland so players accumulate prime at a higher rate, meaning that team fights are more frequent. Because of this players all receive a passive buff that grants the following effect.

When the player kills an enemy hero or siege minion, all of his cooldowns are reduced by 35%.

Guide[edit | edit source]

Phase One: there are no siege units around.

Main goal: get native terrain Thing is - siege units are MUCH MORE powerful when they shoot while standing on native terrain. If two of them are fighting each other and one resides on native terrain, that one will easily win the duel.

This goal does not mean that you should rush under middle river flag like no tomorrow. If your team consists of melee heroes, you will have troubles capturing the flag. In this case try to prevent enemies from capturing it. Just hit them once when they are channeling it. Or utilise some cheap aoe like mage's Fireball of Cryo's blizzard.

If an enemy has captured the middle flag and it seems impossible to take it from them - stay calm. Yes, they have won an upper hand in Phase One. But the game is decided when siege units will appear and the second phase starts.

Phase Two: there are siege units around.

Main goal: help your siege unit to win a duel and push it as far as you can into enemy territory.

The phase starts when the siege unit appears. This happens every 4 minion waves. It is very important to restore your health before this happens. This means: if you a super pvp-player and you just killed all three enemy heroes under their tower, and then barely escaped death under tower, and in this very moment the siege unit appers - YOU LOST! Respawn timers are almost non-existant till 10 minutes mark. So enemy will be up and running with full health in no time. And you need to back, heal, and come back, leaving your siege unit unprotected for a long time.

The moral of this story is simple: kill enemies when siege unit is around if possible. Killing gives you prime. Killing with siege on map also helps your siege unit to win its duel. Which is much better.

There are several additional strategies you can use to help your siege to win a duel besides simple killing:

1) Produce native terrain under your siege / Remove enemy native terrain from under enemy siege unit. Remember phase one's main goal? No is the critical time to remove that enemy flag even with the cost of your own health (try not to die of course). Your siege will loose its duel if enemy siege resides on native terrain even if all your team is protecting your siege unit. Even if the enemy is dominating, you still have a chance. There are certain talents that create or remove terrain. Use them. Warlord's flag. Ratchatcher's eruption. Green "book" talent on the 3rd row. Etc.

2) Stay near your siege unit or near enemy siege unit. Staying near yours will help regenerating siege's shields. Staying near enemy siege will PASSIVLY degenerate enemy shields.

This is very important Staying near enemy siege is MUCH MORE effective than staying near yours. If there is a siege unit and two heroes from different teams stay near it, doing nothing, it will loose all shields pretty soon. Shield degeneration is better than shield regen from a single hero.

This is where Vanguards and Protectors really shine. Imagine a fight: 1 ranged aoe (cryo) + 2 vanguards VS 3 ranged. From what I've seen, ppl think that second team will surely win. WRONG! Second team will dominate the first phase for sure. But the second phase will probably turn to the first team's favor. When duel starts Vanguards will jump into the enemy team, forcing ranged heroes to back up. Shields will degenerate in no time, and the siege will move forward. It is very important for Vanguards and Protectors to time their advance carefuly. Execution is a key of course (as always in skill based game). I am playing Outpost with a Brawler. Not the strongest of heroes. In phase one I usually just stick around, allowing ranged heroes to take a lead. I engage only when the duel starts.

3) Do not move your siege unit while the duel is in motion. Siege unit gains power with each next shot while it is not moving. If it moves all bonus power will be lost. Current bonus power can be seen if you select your siege unit. There is an icon with a "leg" picture and a number of stacks. Certain talents can move a siege unit. Like Rumbler's Boulder. A nice talent, that creates a native terrain. You may think "I will use it near my siege, it will stand on native terrain, its a win". Be careful. Using a Boulder move all units from under you to the sides. Do not use it very close to your siege.

4) Remove enemy minions from near your siege. This is important when your siege has won a duel and is trying to advance forward. Its movement speed falls down dramatically when there are enemy minions in the vicinity.

The Siege Minion

  • Siege minion spawns every 4th wave, once they have spawned, all players will get a warning(with "click" sound) and obtain both sides siege minion's vision for a short time.
  • Siege minion is protected by a large amount of shield, which will regenerate if allied hero is nearby, and the regen. rate is determined by the number of heroes.
  • Siege minion has 23 range (ranged heroes have 14 range, a tower has 16 range).
  • Siege minion's attack damage increases with each consecutive shot while it is standing still. And it's strength increased by 50% if it stands on native land.
  • Siege minion will not attack normal minions, summoned units and heroes but only opponents' siege minions and structures. If both structure and siege minion are in its range, it will attack siege minion first.
  • If an allied hero dies whilst the Siege Minion is alive it loses 35% of it's health.

Glyphs[edit | edit source]

Glyphs spawn every 3 minutes at 2 spots in the river at the Top and Bottom.

The glyphs that spawn are random and can be any of the following.

Additional tips:.

1) Do not save your ults. If you kill an enemy, your cooldowns will drop by a certain %. You can read about it in a "buff" that appears on your hero. 2) Respawn timer increases dramatically after a 10 minute mark. This mechanic helps a long game to be finished at last. This is a good time to start valuing your life. Dieing now is a way to certain defeat. 3) There are two glyphs that appear on the top and bottom end of a map. Check them often. Or better - ward them. "They will help you win a teamfight" (c) Captain Obvious. And Outpost is all about teamfights. Glyphs usually appear around the time the first duel ends. 4) If you see an enemy with ability to become invisible - start with a ward. Place it near the middle of the river. Profit. And wait for an enemy to bring a ward too, so be on your guard - destroy it as soon as it appears.

by Kams.

Unique talents[edit | edit source]

These talents may be found only in Outpost

245.pngLegendary Health. Increases your health for 570 health. 6th tier

224.pngThe Power of Will. Your Strength and Will are increased by 3. 2nd tier.

223.pngThe Power of Tenacity. Your Strength and Stamina are increased by 3. 2nd tier.

Stojkaya logika.pngSteadfast Logic. Your Intellect and Stamina are increased by 3. 2nd tier.

226.pngDesperate Logic. Your Intellect and Will are increased by 3. 2nd tier.

238.pngDesperate Strength. Your Strength is increased by 4. For each 20% of loss Health you get 1 additional Strength. 2nd tier.

239.pngDesperate Intellect. Your intellect is increased by 4. For each 20% of loss Health you get 1 additional Intellect. 2nd tier.