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Welcome to the Prime World Wiki[edit source]

This page is used as a task list to keep our efforts in the wiki coordinated and help new contributors finding issues that need attendance. Additionally, this page's discussion page is used for discussions that affect the wiki in general.

Admin noticeboard[edit source]

The Admin noticeboard is intended as a way to alert administrators of issues which need their attention.

Make an Account[edit source]

It's a good idea to create a gamepedia account because it'll allow you to keep track of your work and it'll make comunication with other wiki editors much easier. There is also a few features that are not enabled to anons (users without accounts). To make an account press the button on the right side of the header.

Signatures[edit source]

Want to customize your signature? Do you even know what a signature is? It's very important for when leaving a message on a discussion or talk page. See How to customize and use a signature for more information.

Need Help?[edit source]

If you are new to wiki pages and/or new to Prime World, you can check our Help section.

Projects[edit source]

This area will list the current projects that we are focusing on to try to provide the most to that we can to the Prime World Community.

  • Restoring the Wiki
Seek and fix any "engrish" texts you find.
Seek and remove/restore vandalized content.
Expand stub pages with useful information.
Create pages for important elements the wiki might be missing.
(Or alert an administrator so that they can do it.)
  • Fix/Check all of the heroe pages
Make sure all heroes are properly categorized.
Check all stat info that is always current.
Acquire the images of all new skins for all playable characters and add them to their respected pages.
Add any new heroes that have come out with all the current information.
  • Fix/Check all of the talent pages
Make sure the images all look good.
Make sure both the talent table and singular talent pages work correctly, with all the proper information.
Make sure all talents are properly categorized.
Make sure all stats are up to date.
Add any new talents and talent sets that have come out with all the current information.
  • Creating a compendium for all past and future patchnotes.

Never Ending Tasks[edit source]

These tasks are the kind that will never end and will always need to be checked:

  • Are the heroe pages up to date with all the correct stats?
  • Are the talent pages up to date with all the correct stats?
  • Any new talents to add to the wiki?
  • Any new skins to the wiki?

Completed Tasks[edit source]

These are the tasks that have already been completed by the admin staff and the community:

  • Heroe pages made.
  • Talent pages made.
  • Lastest talent icons uploaded.
  • Logo update.
  • Skins added to the pages.

Official Pages[edit source]

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