Wanderer (Imperium)

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Wanderer (Imperium)
Wanderer (Imperium).png
State: The Dokht Imperium
Counterpart: Wanderer
Class: Protector
Health: 850
Energy: 600
Speed: 50
Strength: 58
Intellect: 56
Agility: 52
Cunning: 54
Stamina: 66
Will: 64
Silver cost: 120000
Gold cost: 49
The Wanderer is the most reliable bodyguard. He never fails to come to his allies' aid, protecting them vigorously by taking damage in their place. This hero resolutely attacks enemies, forcing them to battle with him. Each blow of the enemy only makes the Wanderer more bold and powerful. Thus the Wanderer never retreats, as long as his sword of justice thirsts for vengeance.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Wanderers. Pilgrims. Pathfinders.

These gruff warriors can often be found haunting taverns in the small settlements that dot the periphery of the Prime Zone. Solitary and taciturn, they know the many paths that wend their way through that dangerous territory, but seldom are they willing to share their knowledge with others. Thanks to the innumerable treasures it holds, the Prime Zone has no love for uninvited guests.

Only one story is gladly told there: the tale of the first Wanderer. He was serving as the first falconer of a minor lord when a grave disaster struck the village. One night a horde of the Touched emerged from a neighboring forest. Hideous satyrs and ravenous sirens attacked the peasants, and the small contingent of local guards was powerless to stop them. At the head of the horde stood a terrible Amanita, a giant covered in moss and mold, wielding a tree ripped up by the roots as a club.

The falconer fought alongside the guardsmen, but he knew that the battle was hopeless. That was when destiny brought him face to face with the horde's leader. The falconer dodged a blow from the great club and plunged his sword into the monster's breast. The brave warrior was covered from head to toe in blood steeped in prime, and it awoke the power of the hero within him. The Amanita fell, and the attacking Touched flew in terror without their leader.

Many of the peasants were so desperate that they forgot the danger before them and, inspired by the Wanderer's example, threw themselves upon the Touched battlemasters. A few of them survived, and so the ranks of the Wanderers grew.

They left their catalysts with their lords and swore an oath to come to their aid in times of great danger. And so they disappeared into the ruins of the Prime Zone, hoping to make their way further into the depths of the cursed forest and prevent future attacks on local villages. For the hero's true duty lies not in satisfying the whims of lords, but in serving the people – both Dokhts and Adornians.

But when war broke out, the Wanderers began to return to their lords to keep their vows and aid them in their quest for victory.

Talents[edit | edit source]

Icon Talent Type Cost Level Mana Cost Cooldown Description
A0 witcher.png Heroism Passive 0 0 0 0 When taking damage equal to 10% of his maximum Health, the Wanderer's Stamina and Will are increased by 0.5 for 12 seconds, as well as an additional 0.5-6.8 (based on Strength or Intellect whichever is greater).
The effect can be stacked up to 10 times.
A1 witcher.png Decisive Attack Active 300 0 60 16 The Wanderer moves in the selected direction, inflicting 37-323 MaterialDamage.png damage on all surrounding enemies.
For the next 4 seconds, the hero can use the talent 1 more times.
The Hero is unaffected by control effects while in motion.
A1 witcher.png Challenge Passive 290 1 0 0 Enemy heroes and the creatures summoned by them who received damage from the use of the Decisive Attack talent are forced to attack the Wanderer for 0,8 seconds
The Wanderer receives 1 Heroism for every hero.
Required Level 4
Upgrades the Decisive Attack talent
A1 witcher.png Battle Fervor Passive 440 2 0 0 The Wanderer can use the Decisive Attack talent 1 more times.
Required Level 8
Upgrades the Decisive Attack talent
A2 witcher.png Bodyguard Active 390 1 60 30 For 10 seconds, redirects 50% damage at the user from the selected allied hero up to 196-1727 (based on Intellect) and sends out a hawk that speeds up the target by 50% for 5 seconds
The hero is shown on the enemy's map, enemies can see the target of the talent.
Damage received through the Bodyguard talent for another hero provides 3 times more Heroism.
Bonus: When used on other heroes on Native Terrain, the Wanderer receives 5 Heroism.
Required Level 4
A2 witcher.png Inspired Passive 440 2 0 0 The Bodyguard Talent raises the Wanderer´s Speed by an additional 50% for 5 seconds
Required Level 8
Upgrades the Bodyguard talent
A3 witcher.png Second Wind Active 300 0 50 20 Restores 67-592 Health (based on Intellect) to the Wanderer and, when also using Heroism, restores 9-79 Health (based on Intellect) for each additional effect.
Bonus: When used on Native Terrain, all negative effects on the hero are removed.
A4 witcher.png Punishing Blow Active 540 2 300 90 The Wanderer is carried to the selected target, dealing it 27-235 EnergyDamage.png damage and stunning it for 1 seconds
Required Level 8
A4 witcher.png Revenge (talent) Passive 560 3 0 0 If the target deals any damage within 6 sec of receiving a Punishing Blow, it is dealt 70% basic damage back.
Total damage cannot exceed 333-2938 (based on Intellect).
Required Level 12
Upgrades the Punishing Blow talent

Skins[edit | edit source]

Default Skin Ranger Skin Lightwalker Skin
Default Skin
Ranger Skin
69 Gold
Lightwalker Skin
69 Gold

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Wanderer heavily resembles to the "Prime World Defenders" main hero; "Ranger" makes this explicit.